CES 2018
January 9-12th 2018
Las Vegas, NV

NRF Retail's Big Show 2018
January 14-16th 2018
New York, NY

ISC West 2018
April 11-13th 2018
Las Vegas, NV

May 16-17th 2018
New York, NY

NEACC Expo 2018
June 7th 2018
Marlborough, MA

ESX Expo 2018
June 19-22nd 2018
Nashville, TN

CEDIA Expo 2018
September 4-8th 2018
San Diego, CA

ASIS 2018
September 23-27th 2018
Las Vegas, NV

ISC East 2018
November 14-15th 2018
New York, NY

About our CEO

Shortly after obtaining his bachelor's degree from Hofstra University and Briarcliffe College, Sal began working as a support technician for a small web hosting company. After a short while, Sal was promoted into a Sales position where he was able to find success in combining an innate ability to connect with customers by being himself and providing the expertise and knowledge that attracted web developers and streaming media professionals in the industry.

Sal also has experience in IT networking and the software development life cycle, highlighted by a software program he developed for Independent Medical Examination companies. This project was an opportunity for Sal to transition a company from a legacy unix based system, into a windows network and program. With the cloud based IME Pro program, IME companies were able to cut out many steps, and also integrate with web portals to make information such as appointment confirmations, and results available for patients, doctors, and insurance companies involved in the claims process.

Sal founded DWG in May of 2002. While Visiting an ISC trade show, Sal discovered an opportunity in the industry as video surveillance transitioned from Time-Lapse and Analog over to the digital side. Sal's strategy was to bring root level IT support to traditional security installers. Playing to his strengths, Sal would walk dealers step by step through port forwarding to being their customers' DVRs. With this Sal was able to gain respect and loyalty from a core group of customers. He used his loyal customers as leverage to be able to take on new manufacturers and years later, new product categories. DWG staff carry forth this approach to its dealer base today.

Prior to starting DWG, Sal's background includes programming and software development, IT consulting, and managed web hosting sales with a focus on streaming media.

Some of the area of Sal's expertise include
  • Security System Design and Consulting
  • AV & Automation Design and Consulting
  • Cloud Hosting, including web, db, and video
  • Web and Software Development
  • Business Planning and Analysis
  • Creative and Marketing Strategies
  • Business Management, including HR and Budgeting
  • Sales and Sales Team Management

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