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Net 30 Days Credit Terms - Instant Online Approval

Run Your Business, With the Capital You Need

  • It's Instant. Buy up to $50,000 of inventory in under 4 minutes.
  • It's affordable. It's free if you pay within Net 30 days. Rates of $10-$30 per $1,000 per month if going beyond Net 30 terms.
  • It's available. We approve approximately 40% of businesses.
  • You can pay on Net 30 terms (at no cost) or use financing to make repayments over the next 30, 60, 90 or 180 days at your own affordable rates.

DWG has partnered with BEHALF to bring you a quick and easy funding option for your business

Financing through a bank can be a long and arduous process, and it can be difficult to meet bank requirements for certain borrowing amounts. BEHALF offers funding from $500 to $50,000 with a quick and easy application process and approval within minutes.

Get your business growing with Behalf credit!

Behalf is a smart new opportunity for small and medium sized businesses to get the credit they need. Credit you can use at DWG, right now.

Just use the simple BeQuick widget below and in two quick clicks you'll find out how much money we can extend you.

Behalf will pay DWG (on your behalf), and you will pay Behalf back on a schedule you set. It's as simple as that!

Wondering about the rates? They're personalized for every user. So Be Quick and find out how much credit you can get.

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