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About Us - DWG

Today's professional security dealer needs a distributor that will be there to help them with all aspects of their projects. From the initial phases of product selection, right through to the final stages of making sure the system is fully integrated and optimized, DWG's sales and support team is counted on by the most successful integrators throughout the USA.

DWG is a leading global distributor of security, datacom, AV, and other low voltage electronics. We are stocked with the latest products across the hottest categories in the security and low voltage industry including video surveillance, access control, intrusion, automation, professional sound, and more.

Our business focus is simple.  We listen to our customers, then give them the honesty, professionalism, and products they need in a timely fashion and the right price.  Our team consists of young, energetic professionals always available to serve our customers.  We have made it a point to learn and understand all of the products we offer.  This gives us the ability to deliver extreme technical insight as we design and support our video surveillance systems.  We also take pride in the fact that we are able to deliver "name brand" security cameras and products at the lowest pricing anywhere in the world.

DWG offers the right products and solutions, blending the best in technology, service and value. Our staff is committed to providing smarter solutions, better service and faster delivery ensuring that all projects are done right and completed on time.

DWG is the technology professional's source for video surveillance, access control, burglar alarm equipment, door & lock hardware and more. Through our strategic partnerships, we have constructed the most comprehensive - yet selective - catalog of custom electronic and security equipment. DWG is a trade-only distributor selling strictly to security and alarm installers, integrators and IT and technology professionals.

Our warehouses are fully stocked with inventory from the leading security manufacturers, with our advanced warehousing techniques - combined with volume purchasing - allowing for fast, efficient and accurate product delivery to our customers.

We are very selective in the brands and products we carry - embracing field-tested products with strong manufacturer's warranties and a U.S. presence - and our line card is a collection of the best equipment and brands we offer.

Unlike many companies, we do not blindly follow industry trends, but in many cases set them. We embrace products that are field tested, and include a manufacturer's US based warranty. We also warn our customers to be aware of the self proclaimed "security manufacturer" who is simply importing no-name cameras and products from overseas that include no warranty or support.

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DWG designed security and digital surveillance systems are regularly being installed in the following applications.

  • Commercial office buildings and campuses
  • Multi-unit apartment properties
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Financial institutions
  • Commercial businesses
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail and wholesale businesses
  • Warehousing and supply chain management
  • Information technology management
  • casinos, bars, and nightclubs
  • taxis, buses, and boats

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