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0090177 Potter CPRTK-2 Coupon/Probe Replace Kit

SKU: 0090177
  • Model Number: CPRTK-2
  • Item Number: 90177
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0090177 Potter CPRTK-2 Coupon/Probe Replace Kit
0090177 Potter CPRTK-2 Coupon/Probe Replace Kit
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Product Details

The CPRTK contains necessary components to remove, replace, and forward for analysis, the test coupons and water sample from a Potter Corrosion Monitoring Station.


  • Turn the two 1" ball valves (PCMS) or butterfly valve (PCMS-LP) to closed position to isolate the coupon rack from the fire sprinkler system.
  • Verify that the 1/2" drain valve is in the closed position. Remove the 1/2" drain plug.
  • Relieve system pressure from the coupon rack by opening the drain valve slowly. Do not drain the coupon rack completely at this time. Use a container or bucket to catch the escaping water.
  • The water in the coupon rack will be pressurized to the system pressure. After the system pressure has been relieved, close the drain valve. Fill the 120cc bottle by opening the drain valve slowly. Close the 1/2" drain valve.
  • Securely affix the cap to the bottle by making sure the cap screws on tightly. Tape cap to bottle.
  • Drain the remaining water from the coupon rack through the 1/2" drain valve into a container. Close the 1/2" drain valve. Re-install the 1/2" plug into drain valve.
  • Locate the plastic document holder (should be attached to the monitoring station). Locate the completed coupon insertion confirmation sheet and original coupon envelopes. Find the coupon envelope that corresponds with Outlet #1.
  • Remove the coupon holder from Outlet #1. Use a screwdriver to loosen the plastic screw and nut. (See Fig. 1) Remove the coupon from the coupon holder and place the coupon into the corresponding original coupon envelope. Repeat this process on outlet #5. (See Fig. 3)

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