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WEBS-CONTACT-S1 Talk-A-Phone WEBS Contact S 1 Year Contract

  • Notification Profiles can be customized to send different audible or visual messages to different parts of a community depending on their vicinity to an emergency event
  • Page, send visual alerts or event alerts to specific units, groups of units, or all-at-once
  • Automatically verify all devices on the WEBS network and audit events and actions of the system
  • Access WEBS Contact server using a standard Web browser
  • Send pre-recorded or live audio broadcasts to any VOIP-500 Series Phone, Paging Unit, WEBS Tower, WEBS Wall Mount, or High Power Speaker Arrays manually or automatically on schedule
  • Send visual alerts through Blue Lights, SMS, Email, and RSS (SMS and Email require 3rd party service)
  • Create a virtually unlimited number of Notification Profiles, e.g. Intruder in Zone 1, Fire in Zone 5, Chemical Spill in Building 3A, Perimeter Breach, etc.
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Product Details

WEBS Contact is a Mass Notification Software that utilizes an integrated multi-layer approach to contact a population of any size with site-specific instructions through a variety of notification mediums.
The WEBS Contact software resides on a dedicated server that an be located on an existing LAN infrastructure or a dedicated network. Emergency Response personnel can securely access the WEBS Contact server from any PC or a compliant Handheld or Smartphone using a standard Web browser and issue live or pre-recorded audio and visual alerts or execute Notification Profiles.


Server Requirements

  • Hardware - Minimum 2.0GHz x64 (64-bit) processor, 6.0GB RAM, 80GB hard disk space, USB port for hardware licensing (USB pass-through required for virtualized environments)
  • Operating System - Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Client Requirements

  • Hardware - Minimum 1.0GHz x86 (32-bit) processor, 2.0GB RAM, 40GB hard disk space
  • Operating System -Windows XP Professional Edition (32-bit)
  • Software - Firefox 3.5 or higher, Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher with JavaScript, Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0_11 1.6.0_45, Java Media Framework 2.1.1e

WEBS-CONTACT-S1 Specifications PDF

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