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VAST-1CH Vivotek VAST VMS 1 Channel Add-on or 1 Channel 3rd Party License

Vivotek Channel Partner Program

Vivotek VAST software is free for the first 32 channels as long as they are Vivotek devices. Vivotek VAST supports unlimited cameras, as long as servers and hardware can handle the throughput.

The VAST-1CH license is required for each Vivotek device added beyond the initial 32 channels included with the Free VAST-32CH VMS. The VAST-1CH license is also required for each 3rd party compatible device to be connected to the VAST VMS.

  • Part Number: 715001300
  • VAST-CHANNEL-LICENSE Vivotek VAST VMS Software 1 Channel Add-on License
  • Video Wall Solution "VAST Matrix" for Unlimited Live Views
  • 64-channel Live Video Monitoring with Dual Monitors
  • 16-channel Synchronous Playback
  • Free up to 32 Channels
  • For more than 32 channels additional licenses are required. See Sale Price Below
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VAST-1CH Vivotek VAST VMS 1 Channel Add-on or 1 Channel 3rd Party License
VAST-1CH Vivotek VAST VMS 1 Channel Add-on or 1 Channel 3rd Party License
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VAST-32CH Vivotek VAST 32 Channel VMS License

VAST-32CH Vivotek VAST 32 Channel VMS License

Product Details



  • Maximum Number of Cameras - Unlimited (Please Refer to System Requirements Below)
  • Maximum Number of Servers - Unlimited (Please Refer to System Requirements Below)
  • Maximum Number of Clients - Unlimited
  • Support OS - Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003, 2000
  • Support Web Browser -Automatic, Manual (2800K ~ 8500K)
  • Mobile Support - iViewer (iOS/Android)
  • Virtual Matrix Support - VAST Matrix (Please Refer to System Requirements Below)
  • Devices Pack - .vdp File Update

LiveView (Local Display)

  • Max. Channel - 64-Channel (with Dual Monitors)
  • Layout - Multi Layout Display: 1x1, 2x2, 1+5, 3x3, 1+12, 4x4, 5x5, 1+31, 1P+2, 1P+6, 1P+8, 2V, 3V, 4V, 2V+3 Single Layout Display, Full Screen Display, Sequential Display
  • Stream Application - Stream Selection & Auto Stream Size
  • View Application - Drag & Drop Remote I/O Control PiP (Digital Zoom) Instant Replay De-interlace Video Display Mode (Aspect Ratio, Hide Borders, Keep Top/Down Borders)
  • Fisheye Dewarp Mode - Fisheye Display Mode: Regular: 1O, 1P, 1R, 1O3R, 4R Wall Mount: 1P2R, 1P3R Ceiling/Floor Mount: 2P, 4R Pro, 1O8R


  • Max. Channel - 16 Channels
  • Layout - Multi Layout Display: 1x1, 2x2, 1+5, 3x3, 1+12, 4x4, 2V, 3V, 4V, 2V+3 Single Layout Display, Full Screen Display, Sequential Display
  • Playback Mode - Asynchronous & Synchronous
  • Playback Control - Play, Rewind, Pause, Stop, Next / Previous Video Start, Next / Previous Frame, 1/8X ~ 64X Speed Control, Bookmark
  • Search Mode - Browsing, Date & Time (Fast), Event, Bookmark, Alarm, Log, Timeline, Timeline Scale


  • Video Format - MJPEG, MPEG4, H.264 AVC, H.264 SVC, H.265
  • Video Resolution - Up to 9 Megapixels
  • Video Enhancement - Basic Mode: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue Intelligent Mode: Defog, Rain, Snow, Fire / Smoke


  • Audio Format - G.711, G.726, AMR, AAC
  • Audio Capability - Two Way
  • Audio Control - Mute, Broadcasting & Sound Play


  • Recording Time (sec.) - Pre-Record: 3-15, Post-Record: 10-60
  • Recording Stream Type - Unicast
  • Recording Stream - Single
  • Recording Mode - Continuous, Schedule, Manual, Event, Activity Adaptive Streaming
  • Recording Setting - Recycle (Unit: Size or Day)
  • Recording File Format - 3 GP
  • External Storage Recording - NAS (SMB & CIFS)

Alarm Management

  • Alarm Period (sec.) - Max. 30
  • Alarm Filter - Name, Time, Source, Event Type
  • Alarm Setting - LiveView Alarm Notification: Fixed & Popup Alert Sound
  • Schedule Type - Continuous, Schedule, Manual
  • Camera Event - Motion, DI/O, Video Lost/Restore, PIR, Tampering, Temperature, IR, PPTZ, Line Crossing Detection, Loitering Detection, Field Detection
  • Camera Status - Connection Status, Recording Status, Recording Error
  • Substation - Substation Connection Status
  • Storage Status - Storage Connection Status, Storage Capacity Status
  • Station Status - License Status, Network Status, Virtual Memory Status
  • External Devices Event - DI/O (With I/O Box)
  • Action - Email, Start Recording, Set DO, GSM Short Message, HTTP & Client Notification


  • Source - Import Picture
  • Marked - Add, Remove, Direction Control, PTZ Control & Indicator LiveView
  • Event Notification - Event Icon Light Flash


  • PTZ/ePTZ Control - Panel Control & Mouse Click Control
  • PTZ/ePTZ Operation - Direction Control, Home, Zoom, Focus, Iris, Preset, Patrol (Group), Pan, Stop, Speed
  • PTZ Operation Mode - Click to Move & Continuous Move


  • Print - Selection Windows & All Windows
  • Snapshot - BMP & JPEG
  • Export file - AVI, 3GP & EXE


  • Schedule - NAS (SMB & CIFS)


  • User Management - Authentication: Basic Account / Windows AD Account
  • User Level - Administrator, Power User, User, Operator & Guest
  • User Control - Permission, Accessible Cameras & Accessible Substation
  • Date & Time - Sync PC
  • Network - DDNS, SMTP, UPnP & Proxy
  • Language - Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Device Integration

  • Joystick - VIVOTEK USB Joystick All Windows™ Compatible USB Joystick
  • I/O Box - Advantech ADAM-6000
  • Switch - VIVOTEK VivoCam PoE Switch (AW-GEV Series)

Camera Integration

  • Camera Insert - Manual & Search
  • Basic Setting - User Name, Password & Camera Model Detection
  • Connection Setting - Configuration Protocol: HTTP, HTTPS Streaming Protocol: TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Video Setting - Video Stream, Compression, Resolution, FPS, Video Quality
  • Audio Setting - Compression & Bitrate
  • Remote Focus - Manual Focus Adjustment & Full Range Scan
  • NTP Setting - IP Address (NTP Server or VAST Server) & Updating Interval
  • ONVIF Core Spec - Version 2.2 or above (By Project)
  • ONVIF Stream - Video (H.264, MPEG4 & MJPEG) & Audio (G.711, One Way)
  • ONVIF Recording - Continuous, Schedule, Manual
  • ONVIF Control - PTZ Control (Up, Down, Left, Right & Zoom In/Out)
  • ONVIF Discover - Discover the other brand camera through "Insert Camera & Batch Insert"

Advanced Feature

  • VIVOTEK Exclusive Feature - Panoramic PTZ Seamless Recording


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