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1940-3-100-45 Kendall Howard 45U 4-Post Adjustable Rack

SKU: 1940-3-100-45
  • Adjustable Rack - The 4-Post Adjustable Rack can adjust its usable depth from 26" to 38" so it can be used in multiple network installations.
  • Durability - The 4-Post Adjustable Rack's welded L bracket base and cold rolled steel design forms a sturdy, reliable rack. Floor mounting holes are available to secure the rack to the floor for maximum durability. We always recommend installing your heaviest equipment at the lowest points on the rack.
  • Gangable - Ganging holes on both sides of the rack make it easy to gang and secure multiple racks together.The sides also feature cable pass through holes to allow cabling to pass from one rack to the next.
  • Electrical Grounding - The rack features eight 1/4-20 x 0.5" grounding studs on the inside of the four rails.These studs allow you to ground your equipment directly to the stud or with the use of bus bars, not included.The rack also includes serrated tooth washers to allow the frame to be grounded during the assembly process.
  • Open Top Design - The 4-Post Adjustable Rack's completely open top allows for smaller trunk cabling, and makes the rack compatible with most ladder racks and accessories.
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1940-3-100-45 Kendall Howard 45U 4-Post Adjustable Rack
1940-3-100-45 Kendall Howard 45U 4-Post Adjustable Rack
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Product Details

For an adjustable 4-point solution ideal for data centers and wiring closets, go with the 4-Post Adjustable Rack. Its usable depth can adjust from 26" to 38" so you’re not left with a fixed depth. To adjust the depth, simply move each bracket to your desired depth and secure the hardware in place. If you need a larger solution, gang multiple 4-Post Adjustable Racks together by using the ganging holes found on each side. You can even gang both the 24U and 45U size racks together because the holes align. For installations that require connections be made above the rack, such as trunk cabling or ladder racks, simply go through the completely open frame at the top. The 4-Post Adjustable Rack features eight ¼-20 x 0.5" grounding studs on the inside of the four rails that allow you to ground your equipment directly to those studs. Also included with the rack are serrated tooth washers that, when tightened, dig in and remove paint from the rack, establishing electrical continuity throughout the rack. With its strength, durability, and adjustability the 4-Post Adjustable Rack is a sure fit for your next installation.


  • Width - 20.81"
  • Depth - Adjustable 35.04" to 50.04" (usable depth adjusts from 26" to 38")
  • Height - 84.12"
  • Weight - 97.00 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions - 87" L x 8.75" W x 5" H
  • Material(s) - CRS (Cold Rolled Steel)
  • Color/Finish - Black Powder Coated Finish
  • UPC - 879447005660
  • Warranty - Limited Lifetime Warranty

1940-3-100-45 Specifications PDF

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