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2800-120 GRI N/O for an Open Loop Circuit 5-24VDC

SKU: 2800-120
  • Will detect any conductive non-flammable liquid
  • Ideal anywhere water damage could occur
  • Automatic Reset
  • Available in gray only
  • 6 foot jacketed lead standard
  • Custom lead lengths available
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2800-120 GRI N/O for an Open Loop Circuit 5-24VDC
2800-120 GRI N/O for an Open Loop Circuit 5-24VDC
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Product Details

Undetected water damage such as that caused by leaking pipes or corroded water heaters cost homeowners tenís of thousands of dollars each year. Such repairs are time consuming and costly to correct. Applications could include computer room sub-floor areas, telephone equipment rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, any areas adjacent to a water storage tank or piping. Also evaporative air conditioners, drip pans, overflows and/or drains.

2800 Open Loop Specification

  • Part Number - 2800
  • Configuration - Normally Open For an Open Loop Circuit 5-24 Volts DC

Power Requirements

  • Operating Voltage (min./max.) - 5-24 Volts DC
  • Standby Current (at max. voltage) - 10 uA
  • Alarm Current (max.) - 400 mA

Wire Contacts

  • Red Wire - +5-24 Volts DC
  • Black Wire - - Ground

Contact Characteristics

  • Contacts - Normally Open

2800-120 Specifications PDF

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