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NV-716J-PVD NVT 16 Channel PVD Cable Integrator

  • Connectivity for up to sixteen cameras, each via a single RJ45 4-pair cable
  • Use with the NV-218A-PVD power-video-data transceiver at the camera
  • Uses any third-party power supply to power cameras via UTP over significant distances (see Power Distance Chart)
  • Cable-management solution from the camera to the Wiring Closet and on to the Control Room
  • 1U high; 1" deep; wall or rack-mountable
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NV-716J-PVD NVT 16 Channel PVD Cable Integrator
NV-716J-PVD NVT 16 Channel PVD Cable Integrator
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Product Details

Typically installed in the wiring closet or IDF room, the NV-716J-PVD is a passive “pass-through” wiring device that efficiently consolidates camera power, video, and pan/tilt/zoom data onto a minimum of 4-pair RJ45 cables.

Power, video and data are converted at the camera using the NV-218A-PVD transceiver which utilizes a single 4-pair cable with RJ45 connectors to deliver each camera’s signals to the NV-716J-PVD. Up to sixteen cameras are supported. The NV-716J-PVD receives low-voltage camera power from any third-party multi-output Class 2 power supply. Control Room connections are achieved with a single 4-pair RJ45 cable for each group of four cameras. Data, if required, passes through another 4-pair RJ45 cable. Control Room connections may be made using the NV-413A, NV-452R, NV-813, NV-862, NV-1613, NV-1662, NV-3213, or NV-3262. All equipment employs industry-standard EIA/TIA 568B pinouts.


  • Model Number - NV-716J-PVD
  • Video Connectors - UTP, RJ45 Connectors 100 ohms
  • Power - 16 to 24AWG (0.5mm to 1.3mm)
  • Control - UTP, RJ45 Connectors 100 ohms
  • Operating Temperature - -20 to +75°C
  • Operating Humidity (non-condensing) - 0 to 95%
  • Dimensions - 19in wide, 1.73in high, .8in deep
  • Weight - 0.94lb (0.43kg)
  • Mounting - Rack mount

NV-716J-PVD Specifications PDF

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