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2181 ChannelPlus IR Coupler

SKU: 2181
  • Allows IR control over multiple DA-550s or DA-8200s
  • Compact in-line design
  • Use one Model 2181 for each additional DA-550 or DA-8200
  • 2.3" W x 1.0" H x 0.7" D
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2181 ChannelPlus IR Coupler
2181 ChannelPlus IR Coupler
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Product Details

Use the Model 2181 IR Coupler to send IR control signals from one DA-550 or DA-8200 to another DA-550 or DA-8200. Using a master DA-550 or DA-8200 and adding up to eight slave units, IR control signals will not be passed from master units to the slave units unless a Model 2181 is used at each slave DA-550 or DA-8200 panel. The Model 2181 allows each TV with a target that is connected to the slave unit, to send IR signals back to the audio/video devices connected to the master DA-550 or DA-8200.

The Model 2181 can also be used to send IR signals to modulators connected to the A input on a DA-550 or DA-8200 panel. IR normally passes only through the B input but using the Model 2181 in reverse position and connecting the green hot wire to the DA-550 or DA-8200 panel the DA-550, DA-8200 or SVM series modulator will receive all IR signals.

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