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STI-6254 STI Cabinet Alarm

SKU: STI-6254
  • Highly visible "stop sign" design discourages wrongful use of extinguisher.
  • Sounds a powerful 105 dB warning horn when activated, drawing attention in a hurry.
  • Tough, ABS construction.
  • Has a reed switch activation for cabinets and display cases.
  • Deactivation pin provided for service by authorized personnel.
  • Does not interfere with use of protected equipment.
  • 9 VDC alkaline battery is included.
  • Compact design 3.37 in. (83mm) in diameter and 1 in. (25mm) deep.
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STI-6254 STI Cabinet Alarm
STI-6254 STI Cabinet Alarm
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Product Details

Here is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to protect fire extinguishers and a wide range of equipment such as fire hoses, sprinkler shutoff valves, guns and medicine cabinets from theft. The device is compact, highly effective and extremely versatile. It does not interfere with fire fighting or use of the protected item in any way. Also, the simplicity of design contributes to its high degree of reliability.
When used as a cabinet alarm, Mini Theft Stopper (STI-6254), is mounted next to the door or in the cabinet. The reed switch unit is mounted on the door jam and the matching magnet is mounted on the door across from the reed switch. When the protected cabinet door is opened the device sounds a 105 dB warning horn.
For a freestanding fire extinguisher or other freestanding equipment, Mini Theft Stopper (STI-6255), has a special clip that can be used in several ways. An extinguisher’s pull pin may be routed through the holes in both prongs of the clip, the clip is then held in place by the extinguisher’s seal and when the seal is broken to use the extinguisher, the alarm sounds. The steel clip can also be placed under any type of equipment. When the protected equipment is moved, the clip opens and the alarm sounds immediately.


  • Housing - 1/8 in. Polycarbonate
  • Power Source - 9 VDC Alkaline
  • Operation - Steel Contact Clip Magnetic Reed
  • Warning Horn at 1 foot - 105 dB - High
  • Cable - 1/8 in. galvanized steel 16 to 18 in. long
  • Dimensions - 3.37 in. W x 1 in. D
  • Standby Current - None
  • Alarm Current - 115 mA
  • Auto Reset - 3 Minutes
  • Recommended Operating Temperature - 32°F to 120°F(0°C to 49°C)

STI-6254 Specifications Sheet

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