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0090174 Potter CRTK-4 4 Coupon Replace/Test Kit

SKU: 0090174
  • Model Number: CRTK-4
  • Item Number: 90174
  • Turn the two 1" ball valves (PCMS) or butterfly valve (PCMS-LP) to the closed position to isolate the coupon
  • rack from the fire sprinkler system.
  • Verify that the 1/2" drain valve is closed Remove the 1/2" drain plug.
  • Relieve system pressure from the coupon rack by opening the drain valve slowly Do not drain the coupon rack completely at this time. Use a container or bucket to catch the escaping water. NOTE:The water in the coupon rack will be pressurized to the system pressure. After the system pressure has been relieved, close the drain valve.
  • Fill the 120cc bottle by opening the drain valve slowly. Close the 1/2" drain valve.
  • Securely affix the cap to the bottle by making sure the cap screws on tightly.Tape cap to bottle.
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0090174 Potter CRTK-4 4 Coupon Replace/Test Kit
0090174 Potter CRTK-4 4 Coupon Replace/Test Kit
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Product Details

The CRTK contains the necessary components to remove, replace, and forward for analysis, the test coupons and water sample from a Potter Corrosion Monitoring Station.


  • Test Kit Includes
    • Two C1010 Mild Steel Corrosion Coupons (One for CRTRTK-2)
    • Two CDA360 Brass Corrosion Coupons (One for CRTRTK-2)
    • Corrosion Coupon Insertion Instructions #5401142
    • Corrosion Coupon Insertion Confirmation Sheet #5401141
    • 120cc Bottle with Cap (Used for Wet Pipe Systems Only)
    • One Pair of Latex Gloves
  • Tools Required
    • Pipe wrench or 14" adjustable wrench to remove and replace Coupon Holders.
    • Container used to drain water from the isolated coupon rack.
    • Phillips head screwdriver to remove and re-install coupons to the coupon holders.
    • Teflon tape

CRTK-4 Specifications PDF

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