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Joe "the Professional" Security Integrator

Meet Joe - the Professional Security / Low Voltage Integrator

Joe has been facing an increasingly competitive landscape in which he needs to be very efficient and smart about his business.

Joe was spending more time at the distributor counter than he does selling jobs and growing his business.


Then Joe got smart. Joe found DWG.

Joe is no longer wasting time driving from distributor to distributor searching for parts and piecing together systems.

Joe uses DWG’s easy online quoting and ordering system to place many of his orders after hours, after he is done with his estimates.   Joe gets great assistance from DWG’s team of inside sales professionals in making sure his estimates will work for projects.  They offer Joe intelligent opinions and insight into what options make the most sense for a particular job.

With fast UPS shipping from DWG, Joe is able to schedule his jobs in advance and receives his equipment on time. Joe now spends more time selling and taking care of his customers.  Joe also spends more time counting his profits.
At DWG, Joe is not just another customer.  He has a great relationship with the sales staff, and this translates into great value for his company.

See why Joe loves DWG.  Try us out for yourself.  Set Up a Dealer Account now. Click Here

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