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NRF Retail's Big Show 2016
January 17-19th 2016
New York, NY

ISC West 2016
April 6-8th 2016
Las Vegas, NV

April 27-28th 2016
Las Vegas, NV

NEACC Expo 2016
May 26th 2016
Marlborough, MA

ESX Expo 2016
June 8-10th 2016
Fort Worth, TX

Cedia Expo 2016
September 15-17th 2016
Dallas, TX

ASIS 2016
September 12-15th 2016
Orlando, FL

ISC East 2016
November 16-17th 2016
New York, NY

CES 2017
January 5-8th 2017
New York, NY


10 Years ago, DWG consisted of Sal Visone, a small office and a phone system. Over the past 10 years, DWG and Sal have put together a detailed business model and brand within the electronics distribution space.

DWG sells a healthy mix of product categories and brands in the low voltage electronics and security space. These products are sold to a variety of business and reseller types, including IT professionals, licensed security and fire installers, locksmiths, custom electronics integrators, electricians, development companies and data centers throughout the world, with a current focus on the US market.

DWG has a well developed sales and customer service process that helps maintain existing relationships and enables growth with new customers. DWG's marketing initiatives a blend of include industry magazine, direct mailings, catalogs and flyers, target SEO, social media, trade shows, and customer trainings and events. As an independent distributor, DWG has formed strong relationships with some of the major manufacturers within the industry.

DWG has improved its production and logistics processes year over year since its inception. DWG utilizes some of the latest technologies including CRM and order management systems, while also incorporating a system of checks and balances to avoid mistakes in order fulfillment and production.

DWG assembles and provisions servers and workstations for security applications under the Avanti brand. This allows for increased profit and better customer experience in terms of systems design and support, allowing for a 1-stop shop experience.

DWG is currently developing Rainvision, a brand for offsite hosting of live and archived video surveillance. Dealers can offer this service and create RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue), as well as additional fault-tolerance and reliability in certain applications.

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