CES 2018
January 9-12th 2018
Las Vegas, NV

NRF Retail's Big Show 2018
January 14-16th 2018
New York, NY

ISC West 2018
April 11-13th 2018
Las Vegas, NV

May 16-17th 2018
New York, NY

NEACC Expo 2018
June 7th 2018
Marlborough, MA

ESX Expo 2018
June 19-22nd 2018
Nashville, TN

CEDIA Expo 2018
September 4-8th 2018
San Diego, CA

ASIS 2018
September 23-27th 2018
Las Vegas, NV

ISC East 2018
November 14-15th 2018
New York, NY

System Design and Technical Support Policy

As a complimentary suite of services, DWG provides free system design, sales assistance, and technical support for active customers. Product recommendations will only be made for items intended to be purchased from DWG. Active customers are those that are purchasing at a bare minimum of $1000.00 per month for the life of the account.

Technical support is offered by DWG on items that were purchased from DWG within the past 30 days. System design and product selection assistance are offered to customers with the assumption that all components quoted by DWG will be purchased from DWG. In cases where DWG staff assists on a project, but items are purchases elsewhere, system design and product selection assistance will no longer will available to that customer.

For cases where support assistance is needed for non active customers, DWG offers paid system design and technical support service options.

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