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DWG Customer Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Does DWG offer dealer pricing?

Yes! DWG sells primarily to security and technology service professionals.Click here to set up your dealer account today.

Is there a minimum annual spending amount for dealer accounts?

While there is no official annual minimum spending amount, $20,000 per year is the minimum amount where a dealer account should be to help us maintain our standard level of customer service and cover our current business operational model.

How long has DWG been in business?

DWG was established in 2002. Since then, we have consistently grown our customer base of dealers and technology professionals throughout the United States and globally by offering industry leading system design, technical support, product availability and competitive pricing.

Does DWG sell internationally (outside the US)?

DWG does sell and ship outside of the United States. Note - some of the brands we carry may be authorized for US sales only in which case we cannot ship outside of the United States.

Does DWG sell to end users companies?

This is dictated by the product category and brand. Depending on the brand and / or product category there may be exceptions and restrictions. Most of the brands we carry are specified dealer only. Some advanced products require purchase from certified security dealers. If you are a homeowner or business looking for installation and maintenance of an electronics system, DWG believes the most efficient starting point would be to work with a professional systems integrator in that field. We can help with referrals.In most cases, the type of customer that is buying the equipment will and should have a professional level of understanding and experience in installing such products. DWG doesn't sell consumer grade equipment, so we typically would organically end up dealing with a professional related to technology, electrical, IT, security, plumbing, general contracting, etc. We will avoid channel conflict at all costs and always protect our dealers and our industry partners for proper handling based on brand, product category, and project type.

I tried to place an order online but it says there is a minimum of $250?

We understand there are businesses that have their own IT and Technology management capabiltiies that would like to be able to place a quick, one off orders without a dealer account set up. DWG does allow orders from the general public from our ecommerce site. Due to the time and costs involved with processing and fulfilling online specialty item orders, we are unable to accept retail orders with a subtotal of less than $250.00. Certain exceptions can be made based on availibility, etc.

Can I check to check stock on an item before I give you my information?

DWG is a wholesale security and electronic systems equipment distributor, selling primarily to systems integrators and security dealers. With so many items in our catalog and frequent component and supply backorders, we do get an abundance of calls from various customers looking to check stock "on our shelf". Since we have multiple distribution warehouses and items coming and going, we will generate a quote for the item being requested in our system. A customer record will need to be created. Before we search, call, or take other steps and time needed to gathering availibility details, we need an understanding that once we do confirm the acceptable lead time, an order will be placed. We simply can't afford to put effort into these situations without having all of the basic company information from the caller.

Does DWG provide technical support?

DWG offers industry leading technical support and system design services. We are here to help troubleshoot and solve your issues so you can get your jobs done. Technical support services are reserved for active dealer accounts with regular purchasing activity.

Does DWG provide system design?

When it come to system design, it is well known that DWG is the industry leader. Our team is ready, willing and able to assist in figuring out best products to use, compatibility, as well as solving replacement product challenges. We appreciate your understand that our system design services must be reserved for customers with full intentions on purchasing the products and solutions provided from DWG. We save you time and money, and deliver the hard to find as well as the every day items to you so you can complete all of your projects as most efficient as possible.

What is the return policy for DWG?

Please click here to read our return policy.

How can I get the best pricing?

  • Pricing varies based on such factors as size of order, annual volume, and active promotions.
  • Special pricing is also available through project registrations, where we can work together to win business for particular brands and protect you against competitors with a price advantage.
  • The more consistent and healthy purchasing amount you can give us, the more we can afford to tighten our aggressive pricing margins even further.
  • If your company is committed to a particular brand and will be purchasing it in consistent volume from DWG, we will lock in higher discounted pricing for that particular brand.
  • DWG provides excellence in customer service, system design, and technical support. When our customers are responsive, communicate directly and organized it allows us to be more efficient with our touchpoints. This definitely helps use keep our pricing down and service levels high.

How do I get better shipping pricing or free shipping?

As a wholesale electronics distributor, shipping is an important part of our business. Faster transit times from leading shipping and freight providers has enabled DWG to efficiently reach more customer nationwide and globally. There are many business benefits in being able to place orders at convenient times online at to be shipped and received promptly for scheduled projects. Shipping costs generally outweigh the costs (time, gas) in having to drive locally to order and pick up items as needed. Shipping prices are calculated automatically based on the shipping destination, package weight and dimensions. DWG typically insures all parcel shipment packages over $100, so this cost is a factor as well.

When analyzing pricing, it is wise to consider the total delivered costs of items. Many mistakenly focus on lower or free shipping and end up paying more per item (total price of items plus shipping divided by number of items). More savvy customers treat shipping as another item in the transaction. A key way to get shipping pricing low is efficient ordering, in essence more items on the order to offset the price of the shipping across more items. This results in a lower cost per item shipped. A clear way to achieve this is by buying regularly needed items in larger quantity. DWG's goal is to match or beat the landed cost (price of item plus shipping) on any item. We will work with our customers to ensure the most efficient purchasing for their company.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes. You can place orders for pickup from our Westbury, NY warehouse. Select Customer Pickup at checkout.

I know I can pay with credit card, but does DWG also offer credit terms?

For US based commercial customers, credit terms may be negotiated based on the customer's purchasing volume history and credit evaluation. For non-US based customers, payments will only be accepted via bank wire transfer.

I placed my order online, why am I receiving a credit card payment link?

DWG will typically confirm and verify all customer's orders and then send a secure credit card payment link. This ensures that your credit card information is not stored in our system and not given via email, or over the phone to anyone. This also allows the cardholder to review all transactions 100% before being charged, avoiding any potential for a misunderstanding. Although the processing software used is powered by Paypal, a Paypal account is not required for this payment.

Can DWG help me in finding a system component that is discontinued or unavailable?

One of the common ways DWG earns the continued business of customers is by helping them solve legacy system challenges. This can be a time consuming and painstaking task. Our team of technical sales professionals will communicate with you to understand the existing system and infrastructure and figure out the most efficient way to get your installation back up and running. We go to great lengths to help customers in these situations of need. As a result, we hope to be rewarded with volume and consistent business. Strong relationships are formed when there is proven mutual value.

Why should I buy from DWG?

We enjoy a mutually beneficial business relationship with our customers. Our goal is to provide value where we are able to help solve system design, technical support, and product availability challenges, and in return we receive an appropriate share of your related equipment purchasing.

Why should I buy from DWG over large online retailers such as Amazon or big box distributors such as ADI?

When you are making important purchases for your business, it is critical that you can easily communicate with people that will directly work to understand and solve any issues. Especially with bulk wholesale, large projects and ongoing purchases, there is value in being able to gain and share feedback with the place you are buying from. When company's become too big and scale to fast, they lose the personal touch that important customers need. The people at DWG are encouraged to connect with our customers so that we can truly learn what it is that is important for the success with those that are trusting us with their business.

Are all of the items listed on your website in stock?

DWG carries over 500,000 available items. Item leads times will vary based on item type. Everyday items will typically ship quickly withing 1 to 2 days. Project sale items, replacement part items, legacy system items, discontinued items, and less popular items may see lead times of 5 to 7 business days to ship. Custom built and configured items will also see longer lead times.

How soon will I get my order?

As fast as possible. DWG carries over 500,000 unique parts from leading manufacturers across multiple industries. Every day items will typically ship out within 24 hours. Replacement parts and legacy system components will usually ship within 5 to 8 business days. Custom and built to order items may also take a little longer to ship, as should be expected. We will always communicate appropriately to make sure there are no extra delays or issues, and do everything within reason to get all orders out as efficiently as possible.

What industries and applications would the equipment that DWG provides be utilized in?

DWG provides professional electronic systems and related equipment for every market. Such industries include:

  • Retail, Malls, Department Stores
  • Transportation
  • Banking & Finance
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Government
  • City-wide Safety
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Boats and Marine
  • Parks and Highways
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Gas Stations, Mini Marts
  • Museums, Zoos, Theme Parks
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Sports Complex
  • Fitness, Karate, Kickboxing
  • Laundromats, Dry Cleaners
  • Cannabis Industry
  • Courthouses
  • Carwash
  • Industrial factories, warehouses
  • Hotels, Resorts and Casinos
  • Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs
  • Prisons & Correctional Institutions
  • Stadiums and Concert Halls
  • Data Centers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Franchises and Fast-food chains
  • Car Dealerships
  • Offices
  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Property Management
  • Residential, Apartment Buildings
  • Industrial Machinery, Gas and Chemicals
  • Airports
  • Farms and Agriculture
  • Cemeteries
  • Dance Studios
  • Churches, House of Worships
  • Florists
  • Golf Ranges and Courses

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