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DWG Press Release - Letter from the President - IP Network Video - December 1st, 2010

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December 1st, 2010

Dear Security Professional,

The video surveillance industry is currently undergoing its most radical transformation in years as high definition megapixel technology becomes standardized and more affordable. Companies that are reluctant to offer these systems risk being left behind. High definition megapixel IP Video has arrived.

Not sure what the big deal is? The difference between traditional "high resolution" analog cameras and new HD megapixel cameras is as dramatic as the difference between old standard definition television and the current high end 1080p HDTVs currently available. Consider these facts:

  • A 1080p image is SIX TIMES the resolution of the highest resolution analog camera
  • The average cost of a megapixel security camera today is 55% lower than just 3 years ago
  • 30% of all end users who purchase an IP Video system were up-sold from an analog system

Not sure where to start? That's where DWG comes in. Ten years ago, DWG helped installers and integrators transition from simple time-lapse VCR recorders to the more complex DVR systems. Fast forward to today and DWG is once again leading the charge and ready to help your company transition from traditional analog DVR systems to the superior quality offered by IP Video systems. With the most knowledgeable technical sales and support staff in the industry, DWG has answers to your questions and solutions for every application.

Already selling high definition IP camera systems? That's great! You are ahead of the game. DWG is the preferred distribution partner of America's most successful IP Video integration companies.

Why DWG? DWG is not your traditional "box mover" distributor. We can help you select the right product from among the thousands of items we stock in our east and west coast distribution centers. We have the parts in stock and the knowledge to help you design and implement the most appropriate solution for any need. We don't just sell products. We sell solutions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call anytime from 8AM to 7PM EST at 1-866-340- 2288. We thank you for your time and look forward to working with you in the future.

Salvatore Visone
President & CEO

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